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Digital Locations CEO Rich Berliner Discussed “Space Junk” with Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineer
August 1, 2023

Dr. Nicholas Lee, Research Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, commented about the presence of different types of space debris...

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Digital Locations CEO Rich Berliner Discussed the Potential of Direct Satellites to Smartphone Communication with Space Technology and Security Expert
July 25, 2023

Dr. Gregory Falco Assistant Professor at Cornell University, commented about the challenges of communication ambiguity and data ownership...

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Digital Locations Reveals Technology Development Plan for Connecting Smartphones to Satellites
July 20, 2023

The Company’s technology team at Florida International University is focused initially on solving the user device side challenges to enable high-speed Internet...

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Digital Locations Becomes Newest Member of the Satellite Industry Association
JUNE 27, 2023

The Company joins a leading group of participants in the U.S. satellite industry...

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Digital Locations CEO Rich Berliner Discusses the Need for High-Speed Internet Connectivity with Industry Leader
JUNE 20, 2023

John Gilbert, Executive Chairman of Prescriptive Data, comments about the need to provide building owners, managers, and tenants with...

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