Using Artificial Intelligence to
Create Personalized Digital Content

Digital Locations is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to create highly personalized digital content and experiences for each and every person connected to the Internet.

Today, there are more than 7.6 billion people in the world, of whom more than 4.1 billion are Internet users. No two are exactly alike. By combining AI technologies, such as machine learning and big data analytics, we intend to allow websites, mobile apps, email and other forms of digital communication to dynamically deliver personalized content that is relevant, engaging and motivates the user to action. From the automatic selection of colors and content to a completely personalized look and feel, website owners and marketers can create digital experiences that foster deep and personal connections with their users.

This is all part of our bigger vision to ultimately use artificial intelligence to create complete original content that is personalized for everyone. We believe that AI generated content, including literature, music, textbooks, videos and websites, can be more personal, more relatable and more understandable.



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