A New Way to Locate Cell Sites

  • Network Operators

    Start you site search with us. Leverage our patented system to find pre-approved and pre-qualified 5G sites, easily and efficiently.

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  • Property Owners

    Tap into a new source of revenue from leasing out part of your buildings, poles, kiosks, billboards and more, for 5G cell sites.

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  • Municipalities

    Let us help automate your zoning and permitting process, reducing the time and cost for your staff and improving the speed and efficiency of the process.

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Connecting Network
Operators and property owners

Incremental revenue for
property owners

The Digital Locations System is easy and requires no upfront fees for property owners.

Network densification is a major opportunity for property owners who have the assets that wireless carriers need to deploy their next generation network. We can help you navigate this opportunity. As a property owner, today you can benefit from:

  • Incremental revenue streams for 5, 10 or 20+ years.
  • FREE Promotion of your property locations to all 5G site developers.
  • National MLAs with carriers to speed the site negotiation process.
  • A full suite of site services partners for a headache free implementation process.
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Network Operators
and Service Providers

Streamlining workflows and processes in wireless starts with site selection. With our interactive photos, maps, and detailed site information, network carriers can select the real estate assets that fit their needs best from a list of willing property owners.

We pre-qualify properties to remove bottlenecks in the site identification process which:

  • Speeds up implementation
  • Enables repeatable process
  • Reduces overall cost of small cell roll out
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Property Owners

5G mobility is coming and property owners are in a great position to leverage the need for hundreds of thousands of new antenna sites – to serve your tenants and earn new revenue. All you need to do is list your properties with us and tap into a new source of revenue from digital tenants based on the location and profile of your property: buildings, poles, kiosks, billboards and more.


  1. You describe your property with a few details that are important so operators can determine the viability of building on your property, i.e. location, height, proximity to power, monthly fees, etc.
  2. You sign our agreement to enable your property to be promoted to telecom carriers and operators.
  3. Your property will be promoted through our website and associated advertising.
  4. If your property is identified as a potential location site:
    • We will assess the proposal to ensure it meets technical and financial thresholds
    • We will contract with the operator on your behalf based on your technical and financial specifications, see #1.
    • If there are special circumstances, we will support you in any leasing negotiations as needed.
    • Once the contract is signed by all parties, timing of equipment installation and any related services are specified.
    • Once the attachment has been installed and is operational, you will receive rental payments.
  5. You receive incremental revenue from your property for a minimum of 5 years.
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Local Government Property
and asset managers

Municipalities and Local Government are faced with a tidal wave of applications and inquiries for small cells to be located on your light poles, buildings and other street furniture. We help your team automate the zoning and permitting process, reducing the time and cost for your staff and improving the speed and efficiency of the process. There is no upfront fee for municipalities. We’ll help negotiate the lease fee and help the permitting and zoning process for locating wireless equipment. It’s that easy.

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